The SGCA provides a number of services that are critical to maintaining a safe, vibrant, attractive community.  We depend on the generous help of volunteers for cleanups and tree plantings, and for the resolution of any issues which may arise throughout the year.  

Below is a list of Civic Association Committees and detailed descriptions of some of the more prominent initiatives the SGCA helps facilitate around the neighborhood.

For more information on helping with Committee services, please email, or call (215) 236-7334.

SGCA Committees

  • Zoning - Oversees zoning, historical and PA Liquor Control Board issues
  • Anti-Crime - Sponsors monthly meetings with Police to discuss crime and quality of life issues
  • Trees - Applies for, and coordinates the planting of free street trees twice a year, waters and maintains trees year round
  • Clean Streets - Organizes 2 (Spring and Fall) or more community clean-up events annually
  • Welcome/Social - Helps set up and plan for the general membership meetings and holds social events
  • Garden/Playground - Supports the maintenance and oversight of community gardens and playgrounds
  • Membership - Recruits new members and volunteers
  • Communication - Sends out notices, writes and sends newsletters
  • Block Captains - provides information about individual block issues and works to improve quality of life issues


The SGCA is a Registered Community Organization (RCO) with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for purposes of dealing with zoning matters in our area.  The Zoning Committee is responsible for evaluating every request for a Zoning Variance and Special Exception sought by a developer, business owner, or neighbor.  The committee holds the required RCO meetings for every zoning request, and acts as our neighborhood's liaison to the City of Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding zoning matters in our area.
If you have a matter involving your property that is, or may be, going to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a variance or certificate, and your property is within Spring Garden boundaries,  please contact the SGCA Zoning Committee at 215-802-0334, or email


The 9th District Police Service Area #3 (PSA #3)  is responsible for the Spring Garden, Fairmount, and Francisville neighborhoods among others.  The SGCA hosts monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of every month at 601 N 17th Street, 2nd floor conference room (entrance on Mt. Vernon St.), beginning at 7pm.  All neighbors are invited to attend, meet with police personnel, raise concerns about crime and safety in the area, and find out about the latest crime fighting strategies.


The SGCA is able to offer free community trees courtesy of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's (PHS) TreeVitalize Program.  We also sponsor tree care training for interested community members through the PHS Tree Tenders Program.
Trees provide numerous benefits to the neighborhood, including soaking up ground water, providing cooling in the summer months, absorbing CO2 and generating oxygen, and creating a welcoming, more attractive environment that increases property values, reduces crime, and improves health.
For more information on whether or not you qualify for a free tree, as well as volunteer tree-planting or PHS Tree Tenders opportunities, please email